This is mystery novel for young adults set in 1943 on Wedge Island (in the middle of South Australia’s Spencer Gulf) when there was one farming family and a WWII camouflaged radar station with forty airmen. Sixteen year old Hannah has a mystery to solve around the death of her parents, and nineteen year old Paul has had to run for his life from the radar station.
“Captivating. Had me hooked right to the end. An ageless, timeless adventure for one and all.” Vicki Hatton, Journalist.

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Time Poor Soul Rich

What is the biggest casualty of your busy life? Is it Creativity? Serenity? Intimacy? Time Poor Soul Rich explores 16 casualties of a busy life that can be soul enriching if not ignored. Author Anne Winckel appreciates many women have little if any discretionary time, and in this book she assists time-poor women to move back into a habit of caring for themselves – rather assuming they need to take time off from work to elevate their well-being out of survival mode.

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